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What Makes a Watch Collectible?

While browsing through the latest WatchTime magazine late the other evening I came across a Q&A with a fellow named Patrik Hoffman, current EVP of WatchBox. He was asked the following question, "What makes a watch collectible to you?" If it is regularly worn and appreciated by the collector. A timepiece that doesn't get wrist time is not worth collecting, as other people cannot appreciate and see it and as it won't fulfill the actual purpose of why it was created: to tell the time! Not enough importance can be placed on the fact, watches are tools and made for the purpose of tracking the time of the day and making this information readily available at a glance. It's with...

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Fit, Style and Comfort - All-New Watch Straps On The Way

Having seen them around Instagram, read about their versatility and now handled them a few times up close the style of strap like Erika’s Originals deserves a spot in the arsenal.  This was not always the case, an elastic type strap seems a bit odd, not for everyone, and at the time not for me. That’s changed a bit you see, a slew of parachute strap style bands dropped on my door step so to speak.  If you’ve worn any of our Model C or Dark Seal straps and possibly our upcoming Velcro bands you’ll know we take pride in a well made watch strap.  When our strap maker told us he has something to check out a simple, “why...

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Fine Timepiece Solutions Launches American Watch Movement Manufacturing

Earlier this month I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a day listening and learning about a new watchmaking facility bringing the opportunity for American watch brands to realize the benefits of working domestically.  Today its not uncommon for American brands to manufacture cases and dials. Hands as well but to a lesser extent. Machining is an expensive proposition, large investments are typically necessary.  The good folks at Fine Timepiece Solutions are starting off on a smaller scale, which is not small by any means, just not yet a full-blown manufacturer...yet Accessible to brands right now are a full array of quartz movements, assembled in-house by their well-trained team using technology from massive Indian watch brand Titan and local manufacturers...

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Cannot Believe We Paid Archie Luxury For a Review

Are paid reviews and the exchange of money or products for a glowing critique something we do as a brand? Absolutely now, well, perhaps just this once. After a year of watching the “Pontiff” Archie Luxury, or Paul Pluta, I let my curiosity get the best of me and floated the fella $50 whooperunees to get his thoughts on our new Model C Field Explorer, American Field Watch.Why? Quite frankly, just for the hell of it, but not strictly for the entertainment value. He is a valuable resource on Rolex and knows his luxury watches, can’t deny that. It's this laser focus on the upper end of our hobby that piqued my interest.So why in the world would our affordable...

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SEALS On The Block Chain

I’ve heard a lot about blockchains and some of the different problems they’re attempting to solve. A couple of months ago, I was approached by a company called SOMA, and, after hearing their pitch, decided that it made a lot of sense. They use blockchain to solve some persistent problems in the horology space, and I decided that I wanted to come on board with them. A Marketplace…and More By ‘come on board with them,’ I mean commit to selling my watches on their onlinemarketplace when they go live in early 2019. I’ll join a lot of other quality microbrands(SOMA is hoping to feature ‘the world’s largest collection of watch brands’) that the company is getting commitments from. A visual,...

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