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A Man and His Watch

As most of us these days we discover neat and cool things first on the Internet, specifically Instagram.I, or rather a great many, recently discovered a book named, “A Man and His Watch” by Matthew Hranek. Given I have a watch, or two, and a man the book ticked all the boxes as we say.The book arrived right around Thanksgiving and has been an evening fixture when taking breaks between preparing to launch our Model C, future watch related projects, and online Christmas shopping. A Man and His Watch The book's contents contain a collection of wonderful short stories from popular folks in the watch community, race car driving, music, business, etc. who as the book states, believe watches have a deeper...

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Dreaming Up the Model C Field Explorer

During the second world war, British allied forces contracted with Swiss Watchmakers for a large order of custom-built, precision watches. Unable to facilitate a mass order domestically, reaching out to the Swiss was a logical decision. Twelve watch companies accepted the call and produced hundreds of thousands of military-grade timepieces for soldiers battling the evil of their time.  According to Hodinkee...These needed to be accurate, reliable and durable, which in watchmaking terms meant they had to be regulated to chronometer standards, and also be waterproof and shockproof. The watches also had to have a black dial, Arabic numerals, luminous hour and minute hands, luminous hour markers, a railroad minute track, a shatterproof crystal, and a stainless-steel case. Powering them would be...

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Not Rebuilding The Wheel, Just Making It Bad Ass

Sometimes, I take that back... often, brevity is appreciated. So let's cut to the chase, the wheel in our example is the ever-popular dive watch. Making it bad ass, also in the example, is our job. We were hesitant to begin a design study on a dive watch for several reasons, the main point primarily due to a crowded marketplace. You can find quality dive watches for as low as $200 and some stunning pieces between $675 to $1200. Not just a few but MANY. Do they all tick each box of yours, or mine, not necessarily but the options still exist. Why leap into that arena when we have our Model C underway, a killer reimagining of vintage military timepieces of...

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Delivering Function Not Waste

First car I bought new, actually it was a Dodge Ram, was well equipped but much to be improved upon. While most people I knew were upgrading their sub woofers or hiking up their rim size this was not for me. What was for me however was value, already put enough in to purchasing the vehicle the last thing I wanted to do was drop another dime on something that wouldn't improve performance or help save money overtime. Over the coming couple years I replaced the entire intake system, exhaust, acquired better tires and other random odds and ends.  What I'm getting at here is this, I'm not going to invest in or ask you to pay for something that...

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Where Does Seals Watch Company Stand Today?

Believe it or not starting a blog has been top of mind yet the last thing to get done. That all stops today. I'll tackle this first post in the form of a question and answer, questions I've been asked over the past couple months. Let's begin... It's Been a While, What Have You Been Up To? First and foremost, raising two young daughters and kicking ass at my day job. Yes, have one of those still, my girls need toys and daddy's gotta eat.  Four major projects are what we've been up to. Four...bad...ass...projects! The Model B, The Model C, The Dark Seal (Dive watch) and something special. The latter will be a lot of fun but let's stay focused...

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