Our Story

About Seals Watch Company

Seals Watch Company, Established 2014, in El Dorado Hills, California

At the start of this journey to develop a wristwatch, I did as any designer might – grabbed a pen, headed to the pub, grabbed a handful of napkins, a beer and set to work. Perhaps out of habit more than anything, I returned to my passion of sketching tanks, which started to flow unwittingly into a watch form in front of my very eyes.

The turret and hull translated perfectly into bezel and case, while the glacis plate and tracks became the lugs and centerpiece between them. Something clicked that night, a sense of direction that had to be explored further.

Speaking to collectors, enthusiasts and reading a lot of forum posts and blogs, we determined that watches shall soon return to more elegant, usable sizes. Not a complete return to the 35mm cases of the 1940’s dress watch but something pairing a degree of robustness with a dose of elegance.

In our case, the Model A is 41mm wide and 12.2mm tall; able to glide under a cuff but hold its own out in the open, in the raw. Future collections like our Model B and Model C will continue this trend of bold, well-fitting proportions.


Seals’ Model A was designed, built and tested with elegance, durability and longevity firmly in focus. Our workshops and watchmakers hold these aspects dear and adhere to our stringent requirements and deliver precisely what we promise with each watch created and delivered to you.

Limited Edition

I grew up in a small town; less than a thousand inhabitants. Obtaining clothes that would give you a look with a little distinction from the other townsfolk was tough as we all shopped in the same places. So running into your clone was commonplace.

Wearing a Seals Watch should make you feel a bit special, a sense of investing in a well-made timepiece that’s not part of the crowd. An intimate piece of bespoke engineering that feels like an extension of your personality; marking you out as someone who understands the importance of those small details and decisions that separate us from a life of homogeny.

Each Model A, B and C variants was or will be produced in quantities of no more than 100 and sold internationally. You’ll be a member of one of the most disparate owners clubs in the world.

And as a member of the Seals Watch Company, you’ll also have a direct line of contact to the people who made your watch to ensure things keep on ticking.