Fine Timepiece Solutions Launches American Watch Movement Manufacturing

Earlier this month I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a day listening and learning about a new watchmaking facility bringing the opportunity for American watch brands to realize the benefits of working domestically. 

Today its not uncommon for American brands to manufacture cases and dials. Hands as well but to a lesser extent. Machining is an expensive proposition, large investments are typically necessary. 

The good folks at Fine Timepiece Solutions are starting off on a smaller scale, which is not small by any means, just not yet a full-blown manufacturer...yet

Accessible to brands right now are a full array of quartz movements, assembled in-house by their well-trained team using technology from massive Indian watch brand Titan and local manufacturers equipped to make components to piece by piece bring the movement to be American made. 

Ambitious, noble and exciting times lay ahead out in the desert. We'll write more in the near future as our relationship unfolds and a more defined path is set. 

Recent Newsletter From FTS Below

February 8th in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Joined by the Mayor of Fountain Hills, two-time #1 bestselling author David Meltzer, technology partners, local dignitaries and a core group of American based watch brands, Fine Timepiece Solutions formally launched the rebirth of American watchmaking.

After more than three years of planning and over a year of conceptualization and construction, Fine Timepiece Solutions (FTS) formally launched the commercial watch manufacturing and supply business to bring American watchmaking back to life.

Under the technical direction of CMW21 accredited master watchmaker Manuel Yazijian, FTS technicians and watchmakers are handcrafting a catalog of 16 Ameriquartz watch movement calibers built to the most stringent standards in a state of the art facility. FTS builds, regulates, and tests Ameriquartz movements as well as produces and tests complete watches for client brands.

Quartz assembly at FTS Fine Timepiece Solutions in Fountain Hills Arizona

This first step in re-establishing an American source for critical components, as well as domestic assembly, will help the growing corps of American based watch brands realize their creations right here in the USA.

Fine Timepiece Solutions Workshop

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