What Makes a Watch Collectible?

While browsing through the latest WatchTime magazine late the other evening I came across a Q&A with a fellow named Patrik Hoffman, current EVP of WatchBox.

He was asked the following question, "What makes a watch collectible to you?"

If it is regularly worn and appreciated by the collector. A timepiece that doesn't get wrist time is not worth collecting, as other people cannot appreciate and see it and as it won't fulfill the actual purpose of why it was created: to tell the time!

Not enough importance can be placed on the fact, watches are tools and made for the purpose of tracking the time of the day and making this information readily available at a glance.

It's with this rationale in which our watches are designed and created. Solid quality watches at a fair price. This simple mantra crosses my mind with each design because of how important it is that our watches grace wrists than to merrily sit idle in the box, roll or wherever a benched timepiece may rest.

It's this wrist time that creates the connections and defines the meaning of a particular watch to you. The adventures we go on, experiences endured and conversations we have. A good watch preserves these memories and makes it meaningful... and worth collecting.


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