Where Does Seals Watch Company Stand Today?

Believe it or not starting a blog has been top of mind yet the last thing to get done. That all stops today. I'll tackle this first post in the form of a question and answer, questions I've been asked over the past couple months. Let's begin...

It's Been a While, What Have You Been Up To?

First and foremost, raising two young daughters and kicking ass at my day job. Yes, have one of those still, my girls need toys and daddy's gotta eat. 

Four major projects are what we've been up to. Four...bad...ass...projects! The Model B, The Model C, The Dark Seal (Dive watch) and something special. The latter will be a lot of fun but let's stay focused shall we. 

The Model B

Simply put, a beautiful evolution of our Model A with several key upgrades and refinements. Most notably, a new Swiss movement, the Swiss Technology Production (STP) 3-13, reduced bezel height, modified crown guards, all-new crown, and lastly an exhibition case back to display the eye-catching, self-winding, beating Swiss heart.

Our Model B is the ideal Sports slash Dress watch available today. Despite rapid innovations in technology, business and transportation our daily lives are more chaotic than ever. Versatility is a critical trait necessary for success today, tomorrow and beyond. 

We have designed a man's watch for the adventure that we endure each day, from dawn to dusk. 

The Model C

Designing a timepiece is by no means a simple task. Even those whom produce spot on homages must face manufacturing woes and fulfillment complexities, same as the next brand.

One must be excited about this journey to succeed...The Model C is a watch I waited three years to design and create. 

Immediately following the completion of our Model A I didn't think about design for a week or two. Mentally was totally spent. Then I grabbed some art depicting the piece without integrated lugs, a series of images with more standard lug sets.

First thing I noticed were no wire lugs, why in the hell did I not make these, is what I thought. SHIT! We'll no going back now, and thankfully I stayed the course but I knew what needed to be done.

As I referenced earlier my second and last kid was born in 2016, that year was hers and most everything else took a back seat. Fewer late nights, not true, even more but less focused on designing, instead more on being the dad two lovely little girls needed.

All the same, I pinched every attainable second to develop one bad ass field watch. 

Prototypes will be complete late September 2017

Our Upcoming Diver...Yes, a Damn Dive Watch

We did not just stop at two new collections in 2017, with the amount of time between producing components, quality checking, revising design and producing those new components there was opportunity to follow through on another concept that has been kicked around over the past year.

 American Dive Watch Dark Seal Model D by Seals Watch Company Dive Watch by Seals Watch Company

 Creating a 3rd new collection was a difficult decision, especially since the preceding two are in the prototyping phase and have taken longer than originally anticipated. None the less, there is no real reason to hold back, not this particular design, not a chance.

Our "Dark Seal" dive watch despite being just a case for the time being will have the following specifications:

  • 12.5mm x 40.00mm
  • Swiss STP 1-11 Movement
  • Sapphire crystal and steel case back
  • 200M water resistance
  • Oversized bezel
  • 316L stainless steel 

This collection will contain 3 major references, similar case, different bezel inserts and colorways. With upgraded movement and exhibition case back as an option.

Last But Not Least, Something We Cannot Talk About

Yeah, not cool, I know but this last one there is not much to say about. Can assure you this, there will be much to discuss and clamor about, only not at this moment. 

Why may you ask? Because on this project, we've teamed up with another to bring you an awesome example of what happens when you delve far out of your comfort zone. To make something that could never happen without that push.


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