Movement // Miyota 9015 Built by Citizen

To deliver the kind of watch we’ve set out to produce, we need to spec high-grade materials and partner with craftsmen who are not only capable of creating and maintaining top quality mechanisms but also understand why it’s important to work in this way.

Chambered deep within the hand-brushed, surgical grade steel case of the Model A is the Miyota 9015 movement.

The speccing of the Japanese 9015 is a conscious one that brings with it many benefits. For starters it’s more than a match for its Swiss counterparts on all levels; from accuracy to reliability. Smooth with a decent power reserve it’s an automatic movement that can be hand wound and features a hacking seconds hand for synching to your chosen time zone.

The movement runs at 28,800 vibrations per hour with a power reserve of 42 hours. Granted, there are movements out there with bigger reserves and faster sweeps but they come at a price and tend to spend more time on the work bench. We simply want the Model A to spend more time on the wrist.

It’s also a nice thin movement, which means we can keep things slim in the case without losing strength.

Important features of the Miyota 9015

automatic / manual winding

The 9015 is powered up by either an oscillating movement of it’s weighted rotor through natural counter clockwise movements. Or manually winding it by the crown. Just pull the crown to position “A” and turn roughly 20 times

hacking second hand

Hacking function allows the second hand to completely stop while setting the time. Crown must be pulled to time setting position for the second hand to stop. This is done for precise synchronization between multiple time keeping sources

vibrations per hour

The standard for modern watches is 28,800 vibrations per hour. Our Miyota 9015 is no different. Beating at 28,800 per hour allows for more precision and greater likelihood to keep accurate time. Higher rates on the other hand can effectively maintain greater accuracy but also lead to more time on the work bench

power reserve

This particular movement can last, on average, 42 hours between complete power ups. After a days work once you remove your watch and place it back in your black leather roll it can sit motionless for roughly 42 hours before being completely out of power. But you’re not going to let this baby sit are ya?

Movement documentation from Citizen / Miyota