Not Rebuilding The Wheel, Just Making It Bad Ass

Sometimes, I take that back... often, brevity is appreciated. So let's cut to the chase, the wheel in our example is the ever-popular dive watch. Making it bad ass, also in the example, is our job.

We were hesitant to begin a design study on a dive watch for several reasons, the main point primarily due to a crowded marketplace. You can find quality dive watches for as low as $200 and some stunning pieces between $675 to $1200. Not just a few but MANY. Do they all tick each box of yours, or mine, not necessarily but the options still exist.

Why leap into that arena when we have our Model C underway, a killer reimagining of vintage military timepieces of old. Not to mention our Model A being cleverly evolved to the Model B complete with Chronometer regulation, exhibition back, modified rotor and a uniquely designed dial and handset.

What I'm getting at here is there is much crackin' in the lab right now.

Once again, why make a dive watch? Because there is a void in the marketplace! Wait, what? "I thought it was crowded you said?" True, but there is plenty of room for creating a classic.

Something not commonly developed that stands apart from the river of homages and Submariner-esque pieces readily available.

Dark Blue Diver Watch From Dark Seal Collection  

I love a challenge and this my friend is a challenge. Where to begin? The case of course, it's in our DNA, the one area we can truly break away from the pack and not be limited by common microbrand constraints. The things that are important to us in terms of making a case are style, comfort, wearability and overall fit within the entire design. 

Keeping with the initial theme of brevity here we go.

1. The bezel is robust, toothy and by that I mean it's notches are strong and visible. Expect exceptional legibility on the surface, quality finishing as we're known for and one in a deep blue and brushed steel. 

Dark Seal Dive Watch With Swiss Movement, Steel Bezel

Yes, there should be more points, but let's stop here for one read as the complete prototypes will be completed soon and there will be much more to discuss at that point. 

Hope you enjoy what you've seen so far, we're truly excited about our initial dive watch offering and think you will be too.


  • Dieter

    Me too can´t wait you realize the “Seal Dive Watch”.
    Preorder is done (in Europe)
    Prehappiness is rising day by day :-)

  • Tiziano from Italy

    Wonderful project ! I can not wait you realize the “Seal Dive Watch” – maybe with a leather vintage strap…

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