Fit, Style and Comfort - All-New Watch Straps On The Way

Having seen them around Instagram, read about their versatility and now handled them a few times up close the style of strap like Erika’s Originals deserves a spot in the arsenal. 
This was not always the case, an elastic type strap seems a bit odd, not for everyone, and at the time not for me. That’s changed a bit you see, a slew of parachute strap style bands dropped on my door step so to speak. 
If you’ve worn any of our Model C or Dark Seal straps and possibly our upcoming Velcro bands you’ll know we take pride in a well made watch strap. 
When our strap maker told us he has something to check out a simple, “why the hell not” is all it takes. 
Five to six of these soft stretchy bands arrived just in time for WindUp this past week. Not getting a chance to invest time in them I decided to toss them on the table and get feedback from others. See what folks like you felt about them before adding them to the stable of future options. 
The consensus was clear...when will they be available to order. Quite frankly didn’t expect to hear such a emphatic response, for the price we’ll offer them at and their quality, it makes sense though. 
To be certain I spent the better part of the past several days putting one through its paces. Perhaps it’s their thin design, cool color ways or superb fit but I’m in. 
There’s not going to be a fancy name we put on them, or hefty price. As I shared with a great many in San Francisco for Worn and Wound’s WindUp Watch Fair providing a host of band options is the very least we can do for acquiring one of our watches. 
Erika’s Originals Style Watch Band
We’ll have the ‘Chute Style Bands in a couple weeks in both 20 and 22mm, 6-8 different color ways for about $23 shipped. 
That’s hard to beat, I know. Signup for our newsletter down below to have first crack at the initial batch of bands. 
Parachute Style Watch Strap

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