Delivering Function Not Waste

First car I bought new, actually it was a Dodge Ram, was well equipped but much to be improved upon. While most people I knew were upgrading their sub woofers or hiking up their rim size this was not for me.

What was for me however was value, already put enough in to purchasing the vehicle the last thing I wanted to do was drop another dime on something that wouldn't improve performance or help save money overtime. Over the coming couple years I replaced the entire intake system, exhaust, acquired better tires and other random odds and ends. 

What I'm getting at here is this, I'm not going to invest in or ask you to pay for something that I feel is a waste or useless. Many experienced this in our first collection, The Model A, when we delivered each and every watch in a leather or microfiber travel roll. Made the centers hollow and tossed an extra strap and handbook inside.

Minimal waste, added value...


A Feast For The Eyes

In all seriousness, these are prototypes of single watch pouches that we have produced specifically for delivering our upcoming Model C Field Watch and "Dark Seal" dive watch.

Once again, we are going to opt out of packaging our watches in a standard box, makes for a splendid presentation and safe delivery but they have a tendency to stockpile in the corner of a closet.

So I'm going to do you and the misses a solid, let's skip the big box and give you a functional, secure pouch to receive future timepieces from us in.

What's It Made Of?

Oh, good question, each pouch will be made of soft, supple Italian leather, trusted Fils Au Chinois lined thread, a nice suede lining and brass pin. This is all, simple, right?

Precise measurements will be shared as we get closer to production, if you are familiar with the Hodinkee leather watch pouch, it's about the same size.

That's a wrap, until next time


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